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Wow I love this game, graphics and sound design is really soothing, hack and slash mechanics fits well into tower defense framework, this is first time I see something like this actualy, it does feel like you (the duke) are in the center of the experience and towers are almost like your spells or items, its does not feel like absolutely tower centered game with one "worker" running around, thanks to some dialogues, tower upgrade mechanics, hack and slash mechanics... Excellent, I'm buying  when it's finished! I had only one frustration in my experience, I did not know how to start the game, did not know I have to use "E" key, I think "enter" key or mouse click key should work. This can be critical, I almost quit trying to find the key, that would be real shame if I did not find it quick enough.

Thanks for all the great feedback and positive attitude. I absolutely understand your gripe with the start button and we've since made changes. Now the "Title" screen can be entered by pressing anything on any controller/keyboard. This alone didn't fix the issue obviously so we also include some basic navigation prompts on menus now. Take note of the bottom-left corner.


I think thats a nice game.

How do i use keyboard with multiplayer? it just player 1 press select

You're going to need at least one controller. You can't have two users on the same keyboard at the moment. Most USB controllers should work with the game.

Is the Linux version working for anyone? As soon as I press any button on the title screen the game will just crash for me with a floating point exception both on Slackware64 14.2 and on openSUSE Leap 42.3...

It is only guaranteed to work on Ubuntu 14 or later. We just call it a Linux build because it can work on other versions of Linux.


To be sure I just tried with Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.10 (on another PC by the way) with the same result: As soon as I press any keyboard key on the title screen the game will just crash... I still think this is a general problem with the Linux build ;-)

Ah you're right! Whelp, it just dumps a ton of useless error codes to me. I'm assuming it's a runner issue with Game Maker Studio. So for now, we no longer support Linux. Fun. Thanks for the help in getting to a conclusion on this.


Made a video

How do you play with keyboard?  I can't even get off of the main menu.

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There are multiple bindings. You can use W,A,S,D with E to select, Arrows Keys and Z to select. You can also use a gamepad and rebind anything.


Thanks! I really like the game and concept of actually being able to do more than just build towers in tower defense games!


I really enjoyed this game. I love tower defense games and this was no exception. The art style and gameplay were both great. Can't wait for the full game! 

Thanks for making the video! Glad you like the game!