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This input framework allows for a great number of things that you probably expected Game Maker to have.

  • Players can be assigned devices/bindings
  • Easily replace the Game Maker input system using input_check* functions
  • Limitless bindings and easy removal of bindings (on the fly changes)
  • Can be used with non-action/player based control schemes as well
  • Automatically controls device connection/disconnection
  • Handles axis input for you with convenient functions
  • Provides an example project that shows how to do everything

Documentation: https://pastebin.com/QBz4Mq5e

(Latest extension version is uploaded regularly, the example is not)

You can directly reach out if you need help via Discord! Just @me! (Seabass The Human)

This was made for Game Maker Studio 2!


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $10 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Input System Example.yyz 32 kB
seabass_input_system_documentation.txt 9 kB
Input_System.yymp 8 kB

Download demo

Input System Example.zip 1 MB


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Hey, sorry, another quick question: Is there a way to add this to my YoYoGames asset library upon purchase? 


There is not! But it is an extension, so you can drag it into a project just as easily.


Looks great! Just confirming compatibility with GMS2.


Yep it's made for only GMS 2!

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Cool, thanks!
...Just saw that at the bottom of the description, now. Hopefully that wasn't there when I asked... :P


It was not! I added it since you pointed that out.


Excellent. I may buy this when I have a chance.

Does it have methods for supporting/detecting different controller types? Or would you recommend just having full re-binding or some certain preset options for controller types?

Finally, to clarify, I don't have to assign it to a specific player instance right? I can just directly check the controller inputs from any instance? (That's how it's done in my game now, it'll be easier not to adapt to the player/action system here, although your code for that is quite cool).



It doesn't have built in methods for detecting any specific controllers but it does know the difference between keyboard/mouse and gamepads. You an use gamepad_get_description() to get the device information.

You don't assign controllers to specific instances no. You have a whole library of function such as input_check() (the same as keyboard_check() or mouse_check_button()) and then you have a second type of input checking called actions. So you can more or less replace the whole default keyboard/mouse checking with input checking instead. The difference is that with input_check() you can pass in mb_left, vk_left, or gp_padl, and it'll figure out which functions to use in the backend and handle it for you.